“It is long over due and after many hours of hard work and dedication I am very proud to present this recording with these gifted Musicians ”
A New Beginning


Gary Flores
Piano, Tenor Sax, Coro

Jorge Polmar

Karl Perazzo
Timbales, Bongo, Cow Bell and Guido

Oscar Soltero
Congas, Bongo and Cow Bell

Mike Olmos

Charlie McCarthy
Tenor Sax and Flute

Al Bent

Invited Guests

Peter Horwarth: Vocals · Kenny Washington: Voice · David Flores: Percussion · Carlos Ramirez: Vocals · Carlos Godinez: Coro · Danilo Paiz: Coro


1. Descarga Caliente A fast Descarga (Jam Tune) written as an introduction tune by Gary. The song features all band members with an introduction solo by Karl Perazzo and concluded by Oscar Soltero.

2. San Francisco Blues An original Cha Cha/Blues featuring Charlie McCarthy, Al Bent, Mike Olmos and Gary Flores. It was the first tune recorded in the studio.

3. A New Beginning (Title Track): An Original song featuring Mike Olmos, Al Bent, Jorge Pomar, and Gary Flores.

4. Just The Two of Us: An innovative Latin/Soul twist of the original song featuring Kenny Washington a world class singer.

5. Teresita This song was written for Gary’s daughter, Teresita Marie who was born in San Francisco on November 26, 1981 Thanksgiving Day. She was and still is a great gift in Gary’s life. Featuring Charlie, Al, and Peter.

6: Hanging with Sachiko An Original based on a 16-Bar Blues with a few twist and turns. The song featuring solos by Mike Olmos and Gary Flores on Sax and Piano.

7. You Don’t Know What Love Is  This song was played with Gary’s salsa band, “Salsa Caliente”. Al Bent wrote the arrangement and Angelo Pagan sang it at the gigs. This song captures Kenny’s amazing talent along with an artistic solo by Peter Horvath.

8: Song For My Mother Everyone knows the “Song For My Father” so, I wrote a “Song for my Mother”. It is dedicated to all Mothers. Especially my Mom Estela (Stella.) She is the greatest Mom and person in the World. Everyone who meets her loves her. This is for her. Love you Mom!

9. Brazil Avenue I was born and raised at 735 Brazil Avenue in the Excelsior District of San Francisco. All my childhood memories are from there and the neighborhood. This is dedicated to my life there, the neighborhood, and My Dad “Willie.”
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